Configure Fanvil IP Phone on 3CX IPPBX Server Credit : Fanvil IP Phone

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Use 3CX server to implement firmware version auto-update, configuring account registration etc. for Fanvil IP phones. This feature allows you to configure your Fanvil IP phones in bulk, saving time substantially when a large number of IP phones need to be configured. 1. PREPARATION 3CX Server, FANVIL IP phones 2. APPLICABLE NETWORK ENVIRONMENT 3CX server in a remote network, FANVIL IP phones in local network 3. APPLICABLE MODELS AND VERSIONS FANVIL X2/X2P/X3/X3S/X3G/X3SP/X4/X4G/X5S/X6/H2S/H3/H5/C400/C600 All versions


Credit : Fanvil IP Phone

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